Bridgeway Evangelical Church is a newer, local church in Kendallville, IN.  We are a daughter church of Ligonier Evangelical Church and belong to The Evangelical Church denomination. We believe Christ wants a relationship with all people. We want to help people see that by being a church that is reaching the needs of the community, being the hands and feet of Christ, and by loving people as Christ loves them.


Mission Statement

Bridgeway exists to be a bridge into the community and to the world so that people may come into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, grow in that relationship and be released to serve God.


Our Vision

Bridgeway Evangelical Church desires to be a body that is spiritually alive. We dream of reaching un-churched people of the extended Kendallville community into our body and making disciples who will:

 -Worship well
-Fellowship weekly in small groups, and
-Minister weekly to those outside of our body

Bridgeway seeks to be a body of ministers, therefore, we envision an internal and external ministry role for every member.
Bridgeway will have an active children’s and youth ministry, teaching young people the Bible and Christian principles in a relative way, bringing them into a relationship with Jesus and discipling them into maturity.
Bridgeway will be a reproducing church. We will seek to plant new churches as God grows and prospers us as a local church.
Bridgeway will be a sending church. Therefore, we want to continually send mission groups from our church to other parts of the country and the world. We also look to send full time ministers (missionaries, pastors, etc.) from our church.


Our Values

Bridgeway Values:  God’s Word, the Bible

World-changing prayer

God-focused worship

Self-giving community

Transformational disciples

Loving ministry

Relational evangelism

Heart-changing holiness

Life-giving faith

Miracle working power

World reaching missions